Holiday House 2015

We were thrilled to be invited to design the Academy Mansion’s grand foyer for Holiday House, the annual designer show house that raises funds for breast cancer research.  As the name suggests, designers seek inspiration from a particular holiday, and we chose Loving Day.  Not exactly what it sounds like, it’s the holiday marking the anniversary of the 1967 US Supreme Court decision in the case of Loving vs. Virginia, in which interracial marriage was legalized.  We loved the double-entendre of the holiday name, and we also thought it particularly timely given the most recent Supreme Court decision to sanction gay marriage.  Our design scheme riffs on the idea of love being something to be shared equally by everyone.

With marriage on our minds, we created a color scheme based in black and white with touches of silver, gold, gray and cream.  Artwork makes subtle reference to themes of love and marriage.  As with much of our design, the furnishings represent a juxtaposition of shapes, periods and textures, which create visual excitement and allure.  In love parlance, it could be likened to the spark that occurs when opposites attract.

Standing sentinel over the amorous festivities are a pair of White Webb’s very own Clearly Classic Alexander Consoles, appearing for the first time in a smoke gray acrylic and now available exclusively at Donghia.  What’s not to love!



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