Close Quarters Creations

By now, you’ve likely heard of the rising tiny house or small house trend. Within the last decade, the nation’s desire to downsize their living quarters has grown. Designing a small space with a luxury feel can certainly have its challenges. But at White Webb, we find that the more challenging a project, the more fun we have working on it! There are many creative solutions that can help achieve a stunning design in even the smallest spaces.


Multi-Use Furniture

Integrating multi-function furniture into your design can be a major space-saver! Many small dwellings lack a designated space for dining, similarly to this former clients’ apartment. In order to give our clients the dining space they needed, we designed this custom console table which transforms into a 6 person dining table.

Living Room Design with Console/Dining Table


Lofted Space

Adding a lofted space to your layout can multiply your square footage and make for an interesting architectural detail. In this cottage design, we collaborated with Dennis Wedlick Architects to create a comfortable living space within a cozy footprint by introducing a lofted sitting area.


Minimize Clutter

The easiest way to open up a small space is to eliminate any and all clutter. To maximize open floor space, it helps to minimize furniture in the room and incorporate built-in cabinetry to easily store away items when they’re not in use. In this entryway we designed for a former client, we kept the design simple and included multiple built-in storage units to hide away all of the clutter.

Mud Room Design

Mud Room Design – by White Webb


Vertical Storage

One of the biggest challenges in a small dwelling is lack of storage. In this Penthouse Loft design, we incorporated tall storage that was able to store an abundance of clothing while only occupying a small amount of floor space.


Tall Storage Design – by White Webb

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