Design Where it’s Needed Most

Design Where it’s Needed Most

Every designer dreams of creating interiors filled with superb art, museum-quality antiques and sumptuous materials. That revelation shouldn’t come as a shock. After all, it’s no secret that interior design is a luxury business.

While it is true that people of modest means do not typically hire interior designers, we feel strongly that well-designed surroundings should be available to all. In that pursuit a few years back, we volunteered to design the offices of Young & Healthy, a non-profit in Pasadena, CA that provides free medical care for uninsured or underinsured children. Above is a photo of the meeting room where we created silhouettes of the children they service. Priceless antiques? Obviously not, but even without a big budget, we were able to transform the space with a little ingenuity, elbow grease, and some fresh, new paint.

In this new age of increased financial concerns, and at the same time, a renewed dedication to community service, we find ourselves wanting to do more to create beauty where it is most needed. In upcoming issues of WorldWhiteWebb, we hope to present before & after’s of spaces we’ve beautified within essential support organizations.

Perhaps these efforts will encourage our readers to offer their talents in similar pursuits. If you can’t spare the time, a contribution in any amount to Young & Healthy (or your favorite charity) will help make life more beautiful in other ways.

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