Behind the Designs, Part I: The Amara

Behind the Designs, Part I: The Amara

The Amara table features a graceful combination of curves and angles that radiates elegance. Reminiscent of hand-carved sculptural designs from Africa, the totem-like table sparkles like a jewel. The Amara is made of ½” acrylic, measures 14” in diameter, and stands 24” high. It’s available in all three of our acrylic color options: clear; smoke; and white.

We drew inspiration from hand-carved sculptural furniture from ancient African cultures to craft the silhouette of the Amara. We pulled inspiration from many different pieces, some of which are pictured below.


The carved hourglass geometry seems to repeat itself in many ancient African sculptures, and we were drawn to the way curves tend to meet each other to create angular forms in these designs. Running with this concept, we began to sketch out different ways the curves could intersect each other to create an elegant relationship between solid and void. We used small-scale physical models to help us better understand these relationships in a 3-dimensional form.

behind-the-design, amara

Exploration of these forms led us to settle on our final design for the Amara table. Living up to its African namesake, the Amara exudes elegance and grace and subtly shines the way we believe an accent table should.

Image Credit: Ghana Bench via Saharan Vibe Blog; Senufo Stool via Sinotique; Congo Stool via Carini Lang

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