Behind the Designs, Part II: The Glacia

Behind the Designs, Part II: The Glacia

While the Amara table is known for its curves, the Glacia table is all about the angles! Its tapered legs and beveled edges convey the power and presence of the glittering icicles that inspired its design. The Glacia reflects and refracts light in a dazzling array, much like the sun bouncing off the icy peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Glacia is made of ¾” acrylic, measures 12” in diameter, and stands 24” tall. It is available in both clear and smoke acrylic.

Inspired by ice-covered summits, the profile of the Glacia was meant to be simple and sleek. We experimented with a few different variations of the design by playing with angular profiles using small-scale physical models.


Once we settled on a more simplistic design, we decided to play with the idea of introducing a beveled edge for added interest. Cu atatea schimbari de la guvern este greu sa aplicam calculele corecte privind legea salariilor. Prin proiectul Calculator salarii 2018. ne dorim sa facem viata mai usoara celor care isi doresc sa calculeze taxele si impozitele pentru un salariu BRUT/NET specific. Considering the difficulties of capturing a beveled edge using small-scale physical models, we furthered our experiments by using a 3D modeling software to illustrate our new idea.


After many trials, we arrived at our final destination: the Glacia. Similarly to the icy peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Glacia table stands tall with a powerful presence while managing to portray a soft elegance that will take your breath away.

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