Beautiful Venice, Beautiful Book

Beautiful Venice, Beautiful Book

During the Renaissance, Venice was a center for creating many beautiful things including books. Libraries were filled with volumes covered in superb gilt-edged vellum. Of course during this time Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, Palladio and others were creating a few masterpieces of their own.

Book-IIFast forward to 1966 where devastating floods destroyed art, architecture and yes, some very special books. Not long afterwards Save Venice, an American non-profit was created to help preserve these treasures for future generations.

Now forty years on, Save Venice has published a book documenting the restoration of these magnificent works. The book ~ Save Venice, Forty years of Restoration in Venice, is more than just a stunning 450 page book. Thanks to the many art scholars and historians on the board of Save Venice, this book brings forward the importance and unparalleled beauty of these great works of art. In some cases, important discoveries have been made during the restoration process.

To celebrate this great book, I helped design a special edition. Limited to just one hundred numbered copies, and placed in a specially made Venetian Red, silk-covered box, this exclusive edition is a fund-raiser to help restore more great works of art in Venice. The key element on the beautiful box is the stunning vermeil plaque inset into the cover. This precious plaque was designed by the great Venetian jeweler Nardi, and was created by Venetian goldsmiths. It is inspired by the jewel-incrusted, gilt-edged books that Venice was known for more centuries ago.

This very special edition costs $1000 and includes shipping. Profits go directly to fund future projects. You may also purchase a standard hard copy version for $200 or a soft cover copy for $65. Simply call the Save Venice office at 212-737-3141 to order yours and help Save Venice continue its important work.

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