Party Central – Setting up a Bar at Home


Photo: Art Gray

As autumn brings cooler weather, our attention turns to indoor entertaining. Key to that is a simple bar that provides everything one needs to create some cheer on a chilly evening.

We are of the mind that wet-bars at home are often overproduced and unnecessary. All that is truly required is a nice large tray on a console or commode. It’s simple to bring in a bucket of ice and chilled bottles on an as-needed basis, but having the basics all set up makes things pretty darn easy.

We gave the role of bar to this antique Italian commode and created custom Lucite dividers into the top drawer so glasses could be organized by size and type. Talk about handy! Sliding on this Lucite drawer insert is a small silver tray that holds olive picks, linen cocktail napkins, corkscrews and the like. Of course on top is that ubiquitous tray holding a proper assortment of libations making spur-of-the-moment entertaining a cinch. Cheers!


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