Reducing Holiday Stress

The Holidays are a tricky. Expectations are high for everything to be perfect and the list is long for how to get there. Then there is the pressure to be “jolly”. Ugh, talk about a recipe for disappointment and guilt for falling short! So how does one deal with these pressures? The easiest way is to remove them. Edit out what isn’t essential. Here are a few ideas on ways to make life less crazy while still maintaining that festive feeling.

  • Stop sending Christmas Cards. Sending a personal note (email is fine) when one least expects it is far more impactful.
  • Obligation gifts are the death of any holiday. Just stop it, it’s waste of time, energy and money.
  • Give to Charity as a gift for people who lack for nothing. A heartfelt and real donation to a non-profit in the name of a friend is much more meaningful than anything in a box
  • Last minute shopping often leads to overcompensating. Remember, it’s your love and friendship that is most treasured, not something from a store.
  • It’s the little things. Those tiny, personal moments during the holidays are the ones that you’ll remember.

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