Room to Grow

What is it about spring that makes our hearts fill with hope? Is it that tender green tendril that breaks through the snow? Maybe it is the tiny blossoms that cover previously bare branches, or baby birds safely ensconced in down-lined nests. Whatever it is, spring is about all these little growing things — it is a macro season with a micro point of view.

Children's room

Photo: Matthew White

Children are like spring — they are in the beginning of their lives, and like soft, new blossoms need encouragement and protection. Whenever we are called upon to design a room for a fortunate child, we try to capture that feeling of unscathed optimism. In this little girl’s room, we designed a fantasy bed worthy of the fairy-queen Tatiana in the spring before her midsummer night’s dream.

With soft tones of lilac, pale green and crisp white, the room feels like spring itself. We hand-painted the walls in a subtle, random pattern of scrolling vines and created a folding screen that functions as an enormous bulletin board — a place for drawings and youthful mementos.

Spring is the ideal time to bring a little beauty into your little-one’s life. But perhaps bringing comfort to a child that has very little could come first. Here are some children’s organizations that we love.Young & Healthy provides uninsured and under-insured children with free healthcare in the Pasadena area. New Yorkers for Children gives a leg-up to foster children through mentoring, tutoring programs and networking opportunities. Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club offers health, education and recreation to disadvantaged youth in the greater New York area.

Winter is over; celebrate spring by creating beauty and by helping a child in need.

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