Summer Stripes

Summer Stripes

If there were ever a pattern that screamed summer, it would be stripes. Canvas umbrellas on the Cote d’Azure, stylishly smart sundresses, awnings floating over lazy terraces – all of these summery things succeed best when rendered in crisp, bold stripes.

The freshness of stripes is unbeatable for expressing the chic, casual feel of summer year-round. In this cozy Manhattan apartment, we designed a large, comfy sofa and covered it in wide awning stripes. Even though the palette is in warm tones, this stripe gives the room a refreshing punch.

Summer stripes

Photo: Tim Street-Porter

At the Los Angeles Garden Show some years back, we created an intimate garden pavilion filled with classical elements. To cover the square table, we used a very simple cotton stripe in gray and white, which served as the perfect foil for the sculptures and plants. To top off the table, we trimmed the over-cloth with a smart gray tape, providing this space with a tailored classicism and easy elegance.

If you are looking for a crisp feel for a particular room – be it a casual covered terrace or a grand living room – you might consider swathing it in stripes. It’ll remind you of summer all year long.

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