Why Design Matters NOW

With so much negative news about the economy these days, it’s understandable that people are being extra cautious with their hard-earned money. In many cases, it makes sense to cut back, but a few carefully chosen investments can pay off in big ways.

One place you can be sure to benefit is real estate. Yes, you heard right, real estate. Granted the housing market is majorly depressed, but for most of us, our homes continue to be our most valuable asset. In hard times, it’s still wise to spend (judiciously) on home improvements for three reasons: preserving asset value, differentiating your home from others, and elevating your spirits.

As with any valuable, continued maintenance is the key to keeping your home in good working order, up-to-date, and marketable. Forgoing needed repairs or expected enhancements will only put your property at a competitive disadvantage and further decrease its value. Finally, and maybe most importantly, just think about the tremendous psychic value to living in a home that is beautiful and comfortable. Since we all tend to cocoon a bit more during tough times, doesn’t it make sense that we make our homes as pleasurable and welcoming as possible?

Spend wisely, live well and stimulate the economy with style.

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