The WoW Factor by White Webb: Flowers

Bring in Spring!

Springtime and flowers go together like, well … springtime and flowers! But how do you use them in style? Here are a few tips from White Webb ….

Keep it Simple. There’s nothing prettier than a simple vase packed with all one type and color of flower. Cut them all at the same length and a bit shorter than you think they should be. Then bunch them together so the impact of that singular color really pops.

Branch Out. What could be lovelier than towering branches covered in forsythia, dogwood or cherry blossoms? With clean, fresh water in an impeccable, tall cylindrical vase, your library or center table will never feel more proud.

Go to Pot. Crocus, daffodils, tulips and narcissus are all synonymous with Spring. Bringing them inside in an old terracotta pot (or a plastic pot hidden within a wicker basket) is a lovely way to festoon your foyer or brighten up the breakfast table.

Don’t Mess with Mother Nature. We love following the work of a truly gifted florist, but more times than not, professional arrangements end up looking stilted and predictable. Don’t be seduced into creating a “perfect” arrangement–you’ll lose that essential charm, and your blossoms will look more like props rather than the miracles that they truly are.

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