The WoW Factor by White Webb: Ice Cream


Summertime conjures images of youthful freedom, lazy afternoons and ICE CREAM. Re-live your youth when you entertain by creating easy desserts that scream SUMMER.

Remember banana splits? Sure they were excessive, but gosh were they yummy. Instead of the classic with a scoop of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, topped with chocolate sauce, caramel, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top, why not……OH HECK, do it the old fashioned way! Sometimes one shouldn’t screw around with a classic.

Yin and Yang
Contrast is always a winning combination. Hot and cold, light and dark, vanilla and chocolate…yes, we are talking about hot fudge sundaes. Buy some really good, very thick fudge sauce and your favorite vanilla ice cream. You know what to do from there, but don’t forget the whipped cream and nuts.

Simple as a sandwich
Take your favorite cookies (preferably homemade) and choose a good quality, complimentary ice cream. Soften the ice cream and put an appropriate-sized scoop between the cookies, press gently and place the sandwiches in the freezer on a cookie sheet. When you pull them out, you’ll hear those delighted squeals of ice cream anticipation. (Here’s a handy tip – chewy cookies work better than crisp cookies.)

It’ll float your boat
Three words: Root beer float.

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