Collective Design Fair: When Opposites Attract

It’s hard to imagine for some, that an occasional day in the office at White Webb entails going to a design fair and spending the day looking at pretty things. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it! We spent part of our day last week strolling through the exhibits at the 2016 Collective Design Fair, which takes place at Skylight Clarkson... read more

Close Quarters Creations

By now, you’ve likely heard of the rising tiny house or small house trend. Within the last decade, the nation’s desire to downsize their living quarters has grown. Designing a small space with a luxury feel can certainly have its challenges. But at White Webb, we find that the more challenging a project, the more fun we have working on it!…

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The Hillsdale Town Hall Public Garden

Before I moved to New York I lived in Pasadena, California. Anyone who has been there knows that it is a lovely city with restored historic buildings lining the streets of its commercial district, making it a true destination to shop, walk and eat.

Years ago, downtown Pasadena was a dilapidated, mostly empty ghost town, but today it is a perfect example of what a good urban plan can create.…

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Chicky Little

Over the winter we built a chicken house at my house in the country. Along with our orchard, beehives, greenhouses and eventual cows (yes cows!), we’ll soon have a farm that produces real honest-to-goodness food. This is not an entirely foreign idea since as a kid my family had chickens, a large vegetable garden and milk goats, which we all tended.…

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Frank’s Modern Christmas

Like many people, I harbor warm, fuzzy feelings toward Christmases past, but I prefer to celebrate mine squarely in the present. Although I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist, I’m wary of a lot of traditional holiday décor, which can make a room feel as overstuffed as Santa’s sleigh. When it comes to decking my halls, I like to keep it light and bright and – as you’ll see – snowy white.…

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