Breezy, Blissful BLUE

Indigo, lapis, aquamarine, cerulean, cobalt. Blue is the color that reminds us of summer, and the heavenly idea of sky and sea. To celebrate the world’s most favorite color (yes, blue it is), we thought we’d share a few blue bedrooms from our design archives.



The first is quite traditional with English furniture and a blue and white toile de jouy. Portierres, duvet cover, pillows and comfy upholstery, all swathed in blue fabrics, add to the luxury and softness that many like in a bedroom. Although it may not be everyone’s idea of a typical beach house bedroom, its glorious color does conjure up warm thoughts of bright summer skies.



The other bedroom is a completely different take. At a weekend house, it easily fits into the easy-breezy feel of late-rising mornings and long, lazy summer days. As the light changes throughout the day, the saturated blue of the walls and headboard morphs from a perky periwinkle to a brilliant azure to dusky violet (like you know who’s eyes). With modern furnishings, innovative lighting, and unusual stone-clad nightstands, this guest room often prompts visitors to pass on the pool and take a nap instead.

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