Pink Lady

What is it about the fairer sex and the color pink? You have to admit there’s a strong attraction. Granted, not every female wants to surround herself in rosy splendor, but it’s kind of amazing how many do. Whatever the reason, the love affair with pink transcends all ages, from girls of eight to ladies of eighty. In fact, we can support this scientific hypothesis with hard evidence from our archives. Herewith, we present two pink rooms designed (over a decade ago) for two of our favorite gals – one eight, the other eighty.



For the young miss, we created a room filled with the fresh exuberance of springtime. Cherry blossom pink walls and a princess-like canopy set off a crisp white daybed strewn with pink geraniums. On the ceiling, sprays of hand-painted flowers encourage colorful daydreaming.

For a dear friend, who personifies the term “lovely lady,” we swathed the room in a complexion-flattering seashell pink and dressed the bed with a neoclassical chintz with swags and bloom-filled vases. French antique furniture lends an added elegance, but can scarcely hold a candle to the lady herself.

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