Slipcovers – Changing with the Seasons

Slipcovers – Changing with the Seasons

Decorating a room is an exciting endeavor, and if done beautifully and wisely, should last generations. Although today’s disposable society may seem to favor trendiness over timelessness, we are staunch believers that well-designed rooms have classic qualities that transcend mere fashion and ensure many years of comfortable, stylish living.

That’s not to say a little injection of seasonal décor is out of place. The easiest way to keep a room from going stale is with slipcovers. They not only extend the life of upholstery, but also wake up one’s eyes and give a room a fresh lease on life.

This sofa is normally covered in a lovely rust and ivory linen print, perfect for fall and winter. As soon as spring comes, however, it gets a new look with a crisp pale green linen cover. Both looks work well in the room even though they are very different, and both reflect the seasons in which they are used. If your upholstery works, but you feel the need for an occasional visual break, consider investing in slipcovers. They can provide practicality and a welcome change of scenery.

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