WoW Factor by White Webb: The Fireplace

Every fireplace begs for the perfect chair to snuggle into on those chilly winter nights. Here are a few ideas on what to sit on while warming those icy toes.

Wait in the Wings. With their embracing shape, wing chairs were originally designed to face the fireplace and envelope the sitter in the warmth of the blaze. Even though central heat may have made their function obsolete, their lasting beauty continues to make them a welcome addition to any fireside.

Bet on a Pair of Clubs. We love a pair of low-slung club chairs, squared off and facing each other in front of a clean-lined fireplace. With a single ottoman centered between the two, it is the perfect place to chat, read the paper and play footsies in front of the fire.

It’s a Small World. An armless child’s chair is always a nifty thing to have near the fireplace. It is easy to move and very handy for warming cold knees or stoking the fire from a low, seated position. Oh yes, and kids love them too!

Once you have the perfect chair and a roaring fire, don’t forget the cocoa!!

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