A City Cabana

A City Cabana

Not all summer get-aways are AWAY. This one in fact, is not in the Hamptons but right in the center of Manhattan. When a dear friend asked us to freshen up his tiny (and we do mean tiny) apartment, his directive was to “Make me feel like I’m on the beach.” The result is not very New York, actually, the place looks more like a cabana on the beach in St. Tropez. And why not? If that’s what floats his boat, why shouldn’t he have an apartment that transports him away from city life to a place where beaches beckon and waves sparkle?

To achieve the effect, we painted the walls in a refreshing aqua, free-hand striped in seafoam green. Most of the less-than-serious furnishings were flea-market finds, including a wood pedestal that was refinished in a deep azure lacquer, then topped with a piece of glass. The daybed (which functions as both sofa and bed) is surmounted by a mirror by the artist Clare Graham and flanked by a pair of White Webb designed, neo-baroque sconces. They were made of plaster-dipped rope and topped with an actual ostrich egg.

So when looking for inspiration, remember that your personal passions will always lead to a style that reflects YOU. That’s how we like to approach every project, and the process often takes us down an uncharted path with a surprising, and in this case, summery result.


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