Seguso Viro – the Magic of Venetian Glass

Seguso Viro – the Magic of Venetian Glass

It’s pretty rare these days to find anything with lasting power. Trends come and go with lightning speed and rarely leave any kind of lasting impact. When something manages to captivate the collective consciousness for generations, then it rightly deserves to be called a classic.

Seguso ViroWhen we think of classics, a name that immediately pops into mind is that of our good friends, the Segusos. With family businesses being bought up and turned into “brands,” it’s refreshing to see one that continues to operate independently and with the same singular passion – simply to create beauty. From their base on the Venetian isle of Murano, the Seguso family can trace a history in glass-making that spans an awe inspiring 600 years and includes commissions from Popes, royalty, and even White Webb! With furnaces and imaginations continually ablaze, the Segusos produce some of the finest glass artistry in the world for their two signature brands, Seguso Vetri d’Arte 1933 and Seguso Viro.

Family patriarch,Giampaolo Seguso, is both a poet and master glass blower, but above all, an artist. Throughout his life, he has been an innovator of glass-making techniques and remains an important force today. His sons, Gianluca, Pierpaolo and GianAndrea, run the company with that same passion, developing pieces for an international audience in the true form of a traditional, Venetian merchant family. While the Segusos welcome the opportunity to collaborate on custom designs of any sort, their formal lines encompass stemware, decorative objects, jewelry and now even furniture and chandeliers for the interior design trade. Steeped in tradition, but ever-evolving to meet the needs of the day, the results are highly collectible works of exceptional beauty, all with a direct link to Venice’s storied glass-making past.

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