A Greenhouse Of My Own

Ahhh, the summer garden! Preparing a meal from freshly picked, homegrown veggies not only makes the dining experience more healthy and delicious, it makes it more meaningful.

Green houseAt my house in the country our growing season is surprisingly short, so this year for the first time we planted seedlings in two tiny prefabricated greenhouses. I must admit, I was mostly a spectator in this effort, as my partner was the driving force who bought the seeds, the soil, the pots and the grow lights so he could start the plants in our cellar in the chill of early spring.

Even before the plants were ready to be transferred to the greenhouses we could have eaten the arugula and herbs that grew abundantly inside the house. But we were patient and when it was safe to move the tender plants to the greenhouses, out they went.

Above is an image of the young plants, but with the speed that they are growing, we’ll soon have lush forests of edible delights. Summer salad? No problem!

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