Clearly Classic: White Webb Launches New Collection of Occasional Tables

Clearly Classic: White Webb Launches New Collection of Occasional Tables

Matthew White and Frank Webb announce the launch of a new collection of acrylic occasional tables called The Clearly Classic Collection by White Webb. Inspired by the architecture and decorative arts of select ancient cultures, these practical and petite tables provide a chic element to nearly any room in the house.

“Finding the perfect little piece can often be a very big challenge,” says Frank Webb. “Choices are fairly limited for those essential occasional furnishings where you want great style, but in a quiet way,” adds Matthew White. Enter Clearly Classic. By melding classical design motifs with crystal-clear material, White Webb has created a line of chair-side and small cocktail tables that offer great function and an undeniable glamour. Their subtle beauty blends, rather than competes, with more important pieces in the room.

Reinterpreting ancient designs in a way that is fresh and exciting is a White Webb trademark. At the heart of their collaboration is Matthew’s passion for antiquity and Frank’s for streamlined, modern design. This creative tension expresses itself in interesting ways, especially in this new furniture collection. By taking classical designs that evoke ancient Rome, India and China and executing them in a glamorous, modern material, the duo has created jewel-like tables that bring new life to virtually any interior.

The Hadrian table takes its inspiration from the classical arches of ancient Rome. A projecting keystone set atop each of the arches accentuates the simplicity of the design and provides added dimensionality through its beautiful refraction of light.

The Alexander table is based on historic designs from India. With its exotic, pointed arch, it suggests the monumental portal of a Mughal palace while a clean, rectangular silhouette is crisp and tailored. TheAlexander table comes in three sizes: small, medium, and the rectangular, double version.

White Webb’s Ming table recalls garden seats from ancient China. With its soft, rounded lines, it feels pleasingly grounded, offering a peaceful, contemplative quality.

These sparkling tables become a quiet, ethereal element, adding light and life to rooms whether they be traditional or modern. They are ideal at chair-side to rest a drink, but also look wonderful clustered in groups in front of a sofa.


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