Saving Venice One Masterpiece at a Time

Saving Venice One Masterpiece at a Time

Anyone who knows me well, knows how I love Italy. It affects the way I live, the food I eat, and obviously is my destination of choice. And while I adore nearly every corner of that history-laden country, it is Venice that steals my heart.

I am honored to serve as the new Chairman of Save Venice Inc., an American non-profit organization that restores art and architecture in Venice, Italy. Celebrating 40 years, Save Venice is one of the most successful organizations of its type. With 400 works of art now restored and more projects completed every year, Save Venice has protected priceless treasures and allowed scholars to study them in a way that would otherwise have been impossible.

Our board consists of art historians and scholars, and general lovers of Venice (like me). I am extremely proud to serve with this knowledgeable group of passionate people. Our main office is in New York, but we have active chapters in Boston and California, and an essential office in Venice. We have a devoted and hardworking staff in New York and Venice.

We also have a new and highly interactive website, that any art lover (scholar and student alike) will enjoy visiting. Take close-up views of the restored works and read about the great artists that created them. And check out our new Membership Programmaking it possible for anyone, anywhere to be an essential partner in our work.

One key aspect to the restoration projects we take on, is that they be accessible to the public. So on your next trip to Venice, be sure to consult the website before hand, to plan an amazing tour of art and architecture. You will find works in all corners of Venice, far off the beaten path. It’s like a treasure hunt with real treasure waiting for you.

Earlier this month we held an event at the Plaza in New York City, our most successful gala in our forty-year history. People flew in from all over the world to attend and besides being a whole lot of fun, we were able to raise needed funds and awareness for our restoration projects. Two of our current projects are the Sala dell’Albergo at the Accademia Galleries which holds, among other things, an incredible Titian (click here to see a video), and the Church of San Sebastiano, a church filled with masterworks by Veronese.

Please join me by becoming a Member. Our work in Venice is about art, history, culture, knowledge, and protecting these priceless things for future generations. Save Venice Inc. ~ Dedicated to preserving the artistic heritage of Venice.

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