Into Africa

Into Africa

One thing that holds true about Matthew and me is that we’re always on the lookout for a new adventure. While we don’t always trek the same highways or probe the same mysteries, we’ve absolutely delighted in the journeys we’ve experienced together over the 7 years and counting of our business partnership. What makes our combination all the richer is that we’re very different people, and our independent explorations add even more fuel to the creative fire that propels White Webb.

As we enter into our 8th year, we’ve never been more excited by the seeming explosion of opportunity within our design practice, but we’re also turning our attention outward to other areas that pique our curiosity, pose new challenges and generate life-affirming sparks.

For me, the newest chapter involves Africa. I’ve always been fascinated by the intensity, variety and complexity of its many countries and cultures. Ever since my days as a student at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, I’ve been captivated by what was then a dreamily distant place. As fate would have it, the dream is now becoming a reality thanks to a very special opportunity afforded me by

The fastest growing, Africa-related site on the Internet, was founded by my good friend, Teresa Clarke, just over a year ago. In contrast to the negative news stories that most media outlets proffer about Africa, aims to celebrate the diversity, richness and vibrancy of African life and to become a platform for changing the way the world views and interacts with this amazing place and its people. Intrigued by her new venture and keen to support a friend, I initially volunteered this past fall to help Teresa strategize about the arts and culture component of her site. As I became more deeply involved, I encountered a remarkable team of exceptionally passionate and talented individuals, who share my same zeal for building a new business, particularly one that is poised to make an important difference. So energized by what we’ve been able to accomplish in a very short period of time, I was thrilled and honored when Teresa recently asked me to assume a more formal role within her organization. Now serving as the Director of New Business Development for, I sport a very different hat from the one I don at White Webb. Nonetheless, I like to think that I wear them equally well, each one informs and enriches the other, and the adventure is only beginning!

As a bridge between both of my worlds, I am especially interested in finding ways to promote design in Africa. Plans are already under way to develop some fantastic design content for, but I welcome any suggestions that WorldWhiteWebb’s readers can offer on designer profiles, sources and awe-inspiring, African interiors. We’re also always on the search for new and exciting content and welcome the contribution of guest bloggers. If you or someone you know has a great Africa-related story to tell, please let me know. As always, thanks for your inspiration and support.

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