Designing for the Dogs

Designing for the Dogs

Designing rooms and furnishings for humans is what we do, but we often give our clients’ furry companions some stylish attention as well. Since several of us in the office have pets, we are thrilled to make them part of our design considerations. To show off a few of our favorite dog beds, we’ve called in two real supermodels ~ handsome Holden (a dachshund who lives with Matthew) and fabulous Fanny (a French bulldog who lives with Tanya).


Photo: Tanya Jonsson

Fanny currently sleeps on a bed that Tanya designed when she entered a competition for Janus et Cie, the illustrious garden furniture showroom. Janus et Cie asked designers to create a dog bed using their outdoor fabrics. This modern patchwork cushion by Tanya was among the winners and was exhibited at their glamorous NY showroom. Obviously Fanny finds the bed to her liking because, like Tanya, she has a rather restrained yet forward-looking sense of style.


Photo: Matthew White

Holden, on the other hand, is a bit of a traditionalist. When he’s in the city (and is not in someone’s lap), he houses himself in a canopy bed designed by the master upholsterer and drapery maven, Michael Tavano. In the country however, Holden hangs out in the kitchen under a breakfront cabinet that Matthew designed. The arched niche creates a theatrical proscenium arch of sorts, in which Holden’s handsomeness is fully on display. Not that he needs any help, but this dramatic backdrop absolutely ensures he’ll be invited into someone’s lap.


holden-countryThe first pet bed we designed is actually a part of our Intaglio Collection. To get a glimpse, click here.

If design is in the details, these canine castles prove the point perfectly.

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