Fall Feasting – Entertaining with Style

Fall Feasting – Entertaining with Style

In the fall, we naturally turn our attention away from outside activities to the indoors. Home and hearth become a focus, prompting inspiration for great meals and entertaining. Beautiful rooms, crisp linens, tables laid with thought and care all enhance autumnal gatherings and make everyday meals events that linger in memory. Here are a few tables in rooms we’ve designed, all set for autumnal entertaining.

Above, a simple country breakfast becomes an occasion when the table is decorated with pumpkins from the farmer’s market and a hefty pitcher of local maple syrup. In the background a custom cabinet was painted in the pumpkin color to display locally made ceramics.

Full meals are not the only way to entertain. Here an antique console table is ready for a small wine and cheese gathering. Autumn leaves were plucked from nearby trees and combined with ornamental gourds to create a spectacular autumn display.


Finally, This lunch table is carefully set with 19th century ceramics and old Venetian glass. The last of the garden roses mark the passing of summer into fall as the afternoon light bathes the room in a golden glow.

No matter how you choose to entertain at home, even the smallest effort to make the table more beautiful will enhance the party and make you and your guests feel special.

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