Italy of my Dreams – The Story of an American Designer’s Real Life Passion for Italian Style

Italy of my Dreams – The Story of an American Designer’s Real Life Passion for Italian Style

After a long, cold winter, spring blossoms finally emerge to inspire and delight. And so, after ten years of working on my first book, it is finally ready to face the world.

italy-of-my-dreams-bookItaly of my Dreams shares my story of the many ways Italy has transformed how I see beauty and how it influences my personal style, even today. The nearly 200-page book takes an in-depth look at four of my own homes (past and present) to show how each one was inspired by different aspects of Italian design. From Roman and Florentine villas to Venetian palaces and finally to Palladio, each chapter offers a history and visual study of timeless style.

Published by Pointed Leaf Press, a leader in books on design, art and lifestyle, Italy of my Dreams is a bit different from other designer tomes. Rather than a survey of unrelated design projects, everything in this book is connected and highly personal. I share my development as a young designer growing up in the Texas Panhandle followed by my first discovery of Italy. Each chapter begins with a history of a particular type of Italian house, then goes on to show how that style influenced great American tastemakers such as Thomas Jefferson, Stanford White and Edith Wharton. Finally, the idea is brought to the present with stunning photographs by Art Gray of my own Italian-inspired homes.

From its introduction by John Loring to the epilogue that shares how Italian style quietly seeps into the work of White Webb, Italy of my Dreams is filled with inspirational imagery, personal stories and a deep love for Italy.

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