Organized Living: What’s in Your Drawers?

Organized Living: What’s in Your Drawers?

Organized living isn’t easy; it takes, well, organization! That said, there are tricks to making things easier to put away. Whenever possible, we like to line drawers or better yet, customize them for specific purposes.

In a dressing room, a drawer with little partitions makes putting away jewelry and keys (and finding them again) an easy task. Having a place for everything and everything in its place makes getting dressed a pleasure rather than a chore. Knowing the precise whereabouts of that certain pair of cufflinks is somehow very reassuring.

In the pantry there’s nothing more wonderful than having silver flatware in place and fully accounted for. With custom-lined and fitted drawers, each piece has its own special spot. Besides being able to keep track of each piece, they avoid getting tarnished, thanks to the anti-tarnish silver cloth.

Even if one can’t create fitted and fully lined drawers, there are plenty of organizing containers that can be inexpensively purchased and still make for neat, organized storage.

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