The Client who was a Real WITCH

The Client who was a Real WITCH

For her star turn as Ursula, the Sea Witch, in the new Broadway musical, The Little Mermaid, Sherie Rene Scott, a diva extraordinaire, asked us to help bring some magic to her private space backstage. Old hands at designing for divas (remember the dressing room we created for Chita Rivera’s recent Broadway show?), we beat a path to the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. Fortunately, Sherie, like Chita, embodies only the best qualities of a diva, so the only drama happening was on stage. Given Sherie’s warmth and enthusiasm, plus her commitment to the audience, we were determined to provide her with a beautiful space where she can prepare before hitting the boards.

The Client who was a Real WITCH

Photo: Sonya Sinha

Much to our delight, we found an open, airy suite of two rooms with tall French windows overlooking a very Parisian, iron balcony. Far from the typical hovel that passes for most star dressing rooms on Broadway, the space really does exude a certain star power. Not surprisingly, both Elizabeth Taylor and Sting used this same dressing room for their separate turns on Broadway. Quite the impressive pedigree.

Taking our cues from the ocean depths, we created a room that functions as a cozy reef. With colors and furnishings reminiscent of the sea, the space enables Sherie to ease into character and to receive guests in comfort and style. Our room, though transformed, is simply a place in which Sherie’s own phenomenal transformation can occur. According to her, with one glance in the elaborate mirror (by artist Clare Graham), she begins to metamorphose into the wicked Ursula. It is easy to see why – with its shell-like tentacles and eight points – the mirror is as outrageous and divine as Sherie’s performance itself. Simple upholstery with hand-painted details, a graphic rug in watery blues, and a charming tea table lacquered in coral, complete Ursula’s lair.

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