White Webb does the Hustle

White Webb does the Hustle

Toot toot…heyyy…beep beep! Toot toot…heyyyy…beep beep! Who said disco is dead? Thanks to those superfly guys at White Webb, it lives again at Studio 54.

The former digs of the ultra-hip dance club have been reborn as one of the funkiest theaters on Broadway thanks to the creative imaginings of The Roundabout Theatre Company. Originally an opera house, the building became notorious for its second life as the Big Apple’s most happening nightspot, Studio 54. Today, the Roundabout has replaced the dance floor debauchery with some of the world’s finest theater, but it hasn’t forgotten the building’s special history.

In memory of the funk ‘n fantasy that cavorted within its walls, the Roundabout commissioned White Webb to bring back the disco beat. Seeking to create a lounge for its patrons, the Roundabout asked the design team to turn a long-forgotten basement space into Broadway’s classiest VIP room. Blending 70’s swank with modern luxe, White Webb’s design winks at Studio’s glory days while making every visitor feel like a coddled celebrity. Among the room’s ostrich walls, leopard carpeting, and luxurious velvet-covered banquettes, one wouldn’t be surprised to see Bianca Jagger (well, maybe Lindsay Lohan) riding on a white horse. As the pièce de résistance, White Webb designed a resplendent sculpture made of forged iron, gold balls and magnifying glasses. Commanding center stage in the room, the artwork evokes a huge sunburst – just what every room needs to be a true disco inferno!

So how do you get past the velvet ropes? It’s not hard at all. No need to star in a film, walk the catwalk, or befriend a bouncer. Simply support The Roundabout Theatre Company as aChairman’s Circle member and access is yours. Aid a phenomenal organization, see the best of Broadway and lounge in the revived splendor of Studio 54. So dust off your Halston, Gucci and Fiorucci and join White Webb before the last dance at Studio 54!

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