The WoW Factor by White Webb: Summertime Drinks

It’s Summertime. Drink it up!

Easy to make drinks that look and taste like Summer in a glass

When life gives you lemons… Lemonade is the classic summer drink and it’s never better than when made from scratch, so start squeezing! Add sparkling (rather than flat) water and for a surprising twist, put some fresh ginger in a tea ball and let it soak there for a few hours in the fridge. Remove the tea ball and add cane sugar to taste. Pour over cracked ice and add a slice of lemon for extra color.

Freshly Minted. Wash handfuls of fresh mint, don’t bother picking off the leaves but put the whole bunch in a large bowl and pour boiling water over them until fully immersed. Let it infuse, and while it’s still warm (not hot), strain the leaves and add a touch of honey and a few drops of vanilla. The key is to make it so slightly sweetened that the mint flavor is not overwhelmed. Pour it into a glass pitcher and add water to taste. Then, you’ll have a drink that looks as cool as it tastes.

Watermelon in a glass? Cut a seedless watermelon into good-sized chunks, then pop them in a food processor until they liquefy. Strain out any remaining pulp, add a squeeze of tangerine and sparkling water to taste. With that gorgeous red color in a frosty glass, you’ll have a drink that screams SUMMER.

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