Bathing Beauties – The Luxury of Winter Soaking

Bathing Beauties – The Luxury of Winter Soaking

Few winter luxuries come close to the pleasure that sinking into a hot tub on an ice-cold day can provide. Forget about a Jacuzzi, with its grating motorized sound. No, instead, nothing suits better than a serene, steaming tub of encompassing warmth and quiet solitude.



Here is a sampling of bathrooms that we created, each one perfect for a good, long soak. In the Italian-inspired bath above, a marble bust surveys the scene. Heavy plaster walls, quiet neutral colors and simple white urns sit within architectural niches. Below is a tub from a California house that we designed. This room did not exist, so we created every detail from whole cloth, from the size and shape of the room to the tile details. We even designed the custom his & her Pullmans that flank the niche holding a nice, deep tub.



Finally, here is a bath we created with a modernist simplicity. It’s a refined design by White Webb in concert with SPG Architects. The simple tiles combined with limestone create a serene background perfect for escaping harsh New York winter weather.


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