Caring for Table Linens

Caring for Table Linens

A beautiful table is not complete without one thing, linen. That said, many people shy away from good linens, which is a real shame. Table linens truly enhance the dining experience. Here are a few tips for easy care of linen.

Good quality linen is always machine washable, even those pieces that are embroidered. I recommend washing in cool to warm water with a mild soap. Pre-soaking is very effective in lifting stains, but for really tough stains try Wine Away, Linen Wash or Olive Oil Soap. All are biodegradable and are available at my shop, Boxwood Linen, in Hillsdale, NY.

I prefer to hang linen to dry rather than using the dryer (which makes linen too soft for me). I never use starch as I like the natural look and feel of linen. Ironing is optional. If you don’t mind a lovely haze of wrinkles, don’t iron. If you prefer the smooth, crisp look, use a hot iron with lots of steam. I also use a spray of water for removing deep creases.

Let your linens air dry thoroughly before storing them away. If you follow these simple instructions, your beautiful table linens will bring pleasure for generations.

Franca Fusco owns Boxwood Linen where she sells her own line of custom table linens, tea towels, aprons and other useful and beautiful pieces made from 100% linen.

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