Margaret Roach – Garden Goddess

Margaret RoachMargaret Roach, gardener, author and blogger extraordinaire used to be a big mover and shaker in the world of Martha Stewart. She gave that up some years ago to work in her now famous garden in Copake Falls, NY. The result is, well, there is no “result”… one might call it a process. Her most recent book The Backyard Parables tells the story of how her garden teaches little life lessons, while at the same time offering valuable how-to information to the budding or serious gardener.

But, as true gardeners know, it’s not always about “how to.” It is, as Margaret puts it, also about “woo woo,” meaning the spiritual aspect of what gardening brings to those who practice it responsibly and with an open heart.

Margaret’s blog, A Way to Garden, has a devoted following, not only because of her know-how, but also because of her voice, at once filled with wide-eyed discovery and keen interest in plants and the animals that protect (or devour) them. And then there’s her great sense of humor. Add into the mix the delicious fruits of her labor as she shows us what she creates in the kitchen from her own garden.

Margaret Roach has left city life behind to create her own version of Green Acres ~ a benevolent Eden where toads, bees, fox, snakes and her crazy cat, Jack, all live side by side. Thanks to the Internet, we can visit Margaret’s wondrous world anytime we want and watch how she thoughtfully shapes it with her own heart and hands while learning little lessons along the way.

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